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Pair of Hardy Monterey Cypress Goldcrest Garden Plants in Pot


This plant is about 30-35cm tall including pot height, and glowing in a 12cm pot.

For highly impactful specimen plantings in beds, borders and patio pots, the Golden Scented Cypress is a must! The soft, bright golden-yellow foliage will provide your garden with healthy colour all year round and (in keeping with its name) gives off a fresh, lemon scent when foliage is crushed or cut - which is said to deter biting insects from that area of your garden. In fact it is such a great all round garden plant it has been awarded the coveted RHS Award of Garden Merit!

* Sensational acid bright golden lime yellow coloured foliage all year round, especially in full sun
* Gorgeous citrus lemon fragrance to leaves when crushed or trimmed
* Slower growing trees, so make excellent features for your doorway, gate or porch
* Fully hardy, so plant anywhere for year round foliage colour and interest

  • Model: Plt/Cypress/T30cm/Q2.W

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