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Peace Lily Flower Spathiphyllum Indoor Plant @ Pot 40cm Tall Natural Air Cleaner -w


  1 x Spathiphyllum Peace Lily Indoor Plant in 11cm Pot
40 - 45cm Tall (including pot height)

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) is one of the most popular house plants of all time. It has achieved such placement in our homes for many reasons. First, it is beautiful. It’s large glossy dark green foliage gives a luxurious, tropical feeling. And when conditions are right, it will also produce alluring white blossoms. As the leaves mature, they have a tendency to arch outward in a very elegant, attractive way.

But perhaps the main reason that the peace lily is such a desired house plant is its ability to flourish in low light areas, where so few house plants will grow.

Tips on how to create the necessary humidity for your peace lily:

  • Mist the peace lily foliage 2 or 3 times a day with a fine mister

  • Place the peace lily pot on top of a tray of water and gravel: this way the roots do not sit directly in the water and rot, but they do receive the humidity as the water evaporates.

  • Place your Peace Lily in a naturally humid place, such as near the kitchen sink or the shower.

  • Model: PLT/P.Lily/T40-45cm.W

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