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1 Tropical Adenium Obesum Desert Rose Succulent House Office Indoor Plant in PVC Pot

Looking for a dramatic low-water succulent plant? Try Desert Rose! This sun-loving plant is perfect for you if you don't want to water a lot and want a variety that looks different than the typical spiky, spiny succulents.

The Desert Rose is grown in 6cm PVC Pot,

How to care

The Desert Rose needs a minimum temperature of 10 ??C (50 ??F), so in the UK it should be grown under glass or as a houseplant.

We advise that you use a sandy soil that drains well, and choose a location that is bright and gets a lot of direct sunlight.

For best results, water the plant when the soil is dry. During the plant's dormancy do not water unless there are leaves on the plant. It is worth noting that overwatering can result in root rot.

This plant is prone to fungus, which can be fatal to the plant; the affected parts will turn gooey. Use a sharp knife to remove any diseased tissue.

The sap and roots are poisonous and should be kept out reach of children and animals. You should wash your hands after handling.

Please note that Adenium obesum is a deciduous plant and sheds most of its leaves during winter, when the light day is short. If you are concerned your plants have less leaves than those shown on the picture - it is because the picture was taken during summer. Your plants, in accordance with their natural cycle will grow back their leaves in late February - early March. If you wish to speed up the process of leaf growth, expose plants to 6 hours of artificial lighting, daily.

  • Model: Plt/DesertRose/P6cm/Q1.W

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