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1 x Fabian Aralia, Red Aralia in Small Milano Pot,45-50cm Tall


With the Gloss Black Milano pot, these elegant plants can bring stylish atmosphere into your house.

Pot size: 15cm x 15cm, Plants from 45-50cm Tall (including pot height), with White Spar Top Dressing.

Easy care instruction:

  • Place in a light shaded, to bright environment.

  • Keep in room temperature.

  • Water thoroughly. Discard excess water. Do not allow to dry out completely.

  • Fertilise moderately.

The Fabian Aralia originates from Asia. This gorgeous dark green plant needs bright light and with its column like shape it compliments areas with limited space. With its circular like leaves this plant is perfect for those who practice Feng Shui. Circles are very auspicious and resemble

  • Model: Plt/S.Milano/FabianArali/T45-50cm.E1

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