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Dazzling Hardy Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest - Evergreen Indoor & Outdoor Beauty in 12cm Ceramic Pot - Captivate with Garden & Home Elegance - Unique Gift - Exquisite Arrangements!

Redwood Forest

- 15-20cm tall including the 16cm ceramic pot height.

This Bonsai is planted in a Random Colour ceramic pot.

What's better than a single bonsai tree? A whole forest of them! The cool new Bonsai Redwood Forest lets you grow an entire grove of miniature Dawn Redwood trees! A great way to bring a touch of nature indoors to your home or office. The Dawn Redwood was originally thought to be extinct until rediscovered in the 1940s and is one of only two known deciduous conifers that change their leafy needles from green, to yellow, to copper to showcase the changing seasons in the fall.

Care instructions:

Watering: The Bonsai prefers moist, deep, and soil that drains well. How do you know if the soil is moist enough? Gently press the soil with you finger so test for wetness. Make sure the soil has a good amount of moisture – these trees are not drought tolerant!

Lighting: The Bonsai will grow best if kept in outside in the full sun, but people have also successfully grown the tree indoors by providing them with abundant amounts of sunlight and providing a humid environment.

Temperature: The Bonsai prefers to be kept in moderate warmth with generous levels of humidity. During the hottest weeks of summer, be sure to water regularly and keep the soil moist. During the winter, bring the bonsai into your garage if there is danger of frost. You want the tree to go through its dormant cycle, but try not to let the root system freeze!

  • Model: PLT/Bonsai/Forest/Redwood/T25-30cm.W

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