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Graceful Zelkova Serrata Bonsai: Vibrant Indoor & Outdoor Tree - Ceramic Pot Included, Effortless Care - Enhancing Living Spaces with Nature's Serenity


- 20-25cm tall including the ceramic pot height
The Bonsai is glowing in a ceramic pot.

This is a classic bonsai. The most common shape and bonsai style is a broom or hokidachi in Japanese. The main reason for this is the natural growth habit of the

zelkova. With a proper trunk and correct trim of the branches, it will naturally grow in a broom bonsai. The zelkova bonsai is also a good replacement for the Chinese elm since it is less subject to diseases and pests even if it is part of the same ulmaceae family.

  • Model: PLT/Bonsai/Zelkova.W

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