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1 x Asparagus Setaceus Fern in Small Milano Pot,40-45cm Tall


With the Gloss Black Milano pot, these elegant plants can bring stylish atmosphere into your house.

Pot size: 15cm x 15cm, Plants from 40-45cm Tall (including pot height), with White Spar Top Dressing.

Easy care instruction:

  • Place in a light shaded, to bright environment.

  • Keep in room temperature.

  • Water thoroughly. Discard excess water. Do not allow to dry out completely.

  • Fertilise moderately.

The name Asparagus Fern comes from the new growth resembles tiny asparagus spears. Asparagus sprengeri, a cultivar of Asparagus densiflorus is the most popular variety of this plant. It looks beautiful sitting on a table or hanging in a basket. During the summer, it is a perfect plant to hang in a sunny spot on your porch. In the proper location, Asparagus Ferns grow over 2-3ft. wide with cascading trailers length. The long graceful vines of an Asparagus Fern are covered in tiny needle-like bright green leaves.

Asparagus Ferns like temperatures between 50-75

  • Model: Plt/S.Milano/Asparagus/T40-45cm.E1

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