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30KG Gravel Chippings Stone Slate Deter Weed Garden Patio Pathway Plant Topping - Black Basalt (10-20mm)

  • Black Basalt Chippings - Size Between 10mm-20mm
  • Can be used on drives, patios or pathways. Use in alpines or rock gardens
  • Deters weeds in beds or borders, Plant topping and interior
  • A hard volcanic Basalt gravel with very similar properties to Granite. 20mm Black Basalt Gravel is a hard, angular dark coloured aggregate. On first appearance Black Basalt Gravel appears dark grey when dry but soon turns black as the product becomes wet.
  • Black Basalt Gravel is mainly used as a product to create contrast in order to amplify the effect of other features. Black Basalt is particularly effective when used with other shades.

Brighten up your dull pathways, gloomy driveways and lifeless plant pots with these Chippings. They are made from organic materials leaving a natural impression on your house, creating a decorative feature in your garden. They also help deter weeds on beds and borders, promoting a healthier, cleaner garden. Create features such as alpines or rock gardens to complete the perfect outdoor look. -----Coverage Rates: ---With a driveway, the chippings are laid to a depth of 5cm. For 10kg chippings can cover about 0.115sqm. ---With a pathway, the chippings are laid to a depth of 3.5cm. For 10kg chippings can cover about 0.16sqm.

  • Model: GAD/Chippings/BlackBasalt/30KG.W

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