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30KG Gravel Chippings Stone Slate Deter Weed Garden Patio Pathway Plant Topping - Cockle Shell Mulch

  • These Cockle Shell Mulches contain whole shell mulches and crushed cockle shell flakes
  • An aggregate consisting of predominantly Cockle Shells from the Shellfish Industry.
  • Cockle Shells generally appear grey on the underside with the reverse a display of browns, orange and beige.
  • Cockle Shells are becoming increasingly popular not only for decorative purposes in garden and landscaping projects but also for use as a drainage layer for 'Green Roof' projects.
  • Cockle Shells used as a mulch certainly tick the box for being environmentally friendly and act as a great slug deterrent.

Brighten up your dull pathways, gloomy driveways and lifeless plant pots with these Chippings. They are made from organic materials leaving a natural impression on your house, creating a decorative feature in your garden. They also help deter weeds on beds and borders, promoting a healthier, cleaner garden. Create features such as alpines or rock gardens to complete the perfect outdoor look. -----Coverage Rates: ---With a driveway, the chippings are laid to a depth of 5cm. For 10kg chippings can cover about 0.115sqm. ---With a pathway, the chippings are laid to a depth of 3.5cm. For 10kg chippings can cover about 0.16sqm.

  • Model: GAD/Chippings/CockleShell/30KG.W

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