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Devil's Ivy Plant in White Ceramic Pot


Table Plant (Growing in a 13cm diameter white ceramic pot)

The Devil's Ivy / Golden Potho is essentially as a decorative element in the home, shopping malls, offices, etc.

It is a very attractive plant with showy yellow or green leaves in a glossy heart-like shape.

This plant is extremely easy to grow. Golden Pothos is a popular house plant well known for its long, trailing stems that can grow even much longer.

Care Instruction:

  • Place your Devil's Ivy in a light position but not in direct sun.

  • The plant doesn't like draughts, this damages the leaves.

  • Give the Devil's Ivy a bit of water so that the soil is evenly damp.

  • Spray it now and again with the water spray, this is good for its moisture level and against dust.

  • Model: Plt/DevilsIvy/CeramicPot.W

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