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100L Organic Matter Soil Improver Conditioner Garden bed border grow feed plants


This Soil Improver is of the highest quality. This rich organic soil contains a slow release specific fertiliser. Thus when dug into any existing garden soils you will rapidly reinvigorate your garden and increase it's fertility. 

This soil improver compost does have a 'woody/soil' like odour which is the nutritious elements working to feed plants, improving soil and as mulch.

Does your garden soil have a lot of sand?

Just mix in this soil improver into your current soil and you'll quickly have a stunning root growth boosting soil that will be perfect to plant into. The green matter in the soil improver will allow your soil to retain moisture with a continued nutrient release into the soil.

Does your garden soil have a lot of clay?

It is exactly the same process just simply mix in this soil improver into your current soil and you'll find that the composted fines will improve the drainage and lighten heavy soils. A superb product to mix into heavy clay soils which can also be 'whacked' down for winter prepping you for the next spring season!

The slow release fertiliser ensures healthy growth for all shurbs and trees. Due to the inputted water retention properties water is delivered in an efficient gradual release. (Water retentive cellulose).

We screen all our topsoil initially at 10mm to remove any oversize lumps and large stones. The resultant screened product is a friable soil that contains naturally occurring organic matter. You may find a few wood fibres but do not be alarmed because this is what will help loosen your current soil.

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