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1 Hardy Rhododendron Long Blooming Flower Plant in Pot


Pot size: 15cm pot

Tall: 30-35cm tall including pot height.

Rhododendron ‘Red Jack’ is an eye catching rhododendron hybrid of large habit with funnel-shaped ruby-red flowers in May-June opening from an abundance of flower buds. The flowers’ colour is very striking and will attract everyone’s attention, irrespective of where it is planted. The evergreen leaves are dark green and have an ovate shape.

This showy cultivar is hardy down to -10C and should be planted in a sheltered spot where it is protected from wind and frost. If there is no such spot available, rhododendron ‘Red Jack’ will benefit from staking. This rhododendron is happy growing in partial shades, tolerating full sun, but not deep shade.

  • Model: Plt/Rhododendron/RedJack/P15cm.W

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