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Lovely Sensitive Plant in Pot Mimosa Pudica Indoor House Office Shame Shy Rare

Mimosa Pudica Sensitive Plant in 8cm Pot Indoor House Shame Shy Touch-me-not

Mimosa pudica also called sensitive plant, sleepy plant, action plant, Dormilones, touch-me-not, shameplant, zombie plant, or shy plant. Which is a creeping annual or perennial flowering plant of the pea/legume family Fabaceae and Magnoliopsida taxon, often grown for its curiosity value: the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken, defending themselves from harm, and re-open a few minutes later.

Plant height: 15 - 20cm
Pot Size: 8cm

  • Model: PLT/SensitivePlt/Pot8cm.W

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