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1 Mature Euphorbia Ingens Cowboy Cactus in Pot House Indoor Plant 70cm Tall


Mature Euphorbia Ingens Succulent Cactus 70cm+ tall

Euphorbia Ingens, also known as Desert Candle Cactus. Euphorbia ingens (cowboy cactus) is a spiny, evergreen, succulent tree with a short trunk. It has an abundant latex.The branches persistent upwards, almost erect, rebranching, fand orming a large, broadly rounded crown. The leaves are rudimentary and ephemeral, most photosynthesis being carried out by the almost spine-free, green, cactus-like stems.
It’s an easy species to grow that is suited for any well drained soil in full sun. The plant is happy growing indoor, where they can easily reach the ceiling.

Easy to care for. Water sparingly during growing season and stop watering in winter.

This plant is grown in a 17cm pot, and is about 70-80cm tall(including pot height).

  • Model: PLT/Lag/TallCactus/T70-80cm/Pot17cm.W

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