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Lively Crassula Ovata Bonsai: Indoor House Plant - Ceramic Pot, Low Maintenance - Aesthetic Fusion of Succulent Elegance


Jade Plant Bonsai Crassula
- 20-25cm tall including the ceramic pot height
This Bonsai is glowing in a ceramic pot

Jade Plant Bonsai Crassula is considered to be an auspicious tree in many parts of the orient, bringing the grower health and prosperity. Crassula ovata are ideal plants for beginners as they are very hardy to drought and seem to tolerate over watering. The species can be grown as medium to large Bonsai and in just about any style of Bonsai and is full of year round character with its fleshy almost round leafs, and multicoloured stems which are green when young, red-brown as it matures to a craggy slate grey. .

  • Model: PLT/Bonsai/JadePlant.W

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