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Scholar's Bamboo Asparagus Fern Bonsai - Wisdom and Knowledge, Indoor & Outdoor Elegance, Low Maintenance in Ceramic Pot - Ideal House Plant for Learning and Academic Enthusiasts


Asparagus Fern Bonsai

- 25-30cm tall including the ceramic pot height.

The Bonsai is glowing in a 12cm Random colour ceramic pot with some Rock Decorations. Shape of the pot maybe Round, Oval or Square.

Asparagus setaceus, also known as Asparagus Fern, is associated with several positive Feng Shui attributes: Air Purification: Asparagus Fern is believed to have air-purifying properties, which can enhance the overall air quality in a space. Clean and fresh air is essential in Feng Shui for promoting positive energy (chi) and well-being.

  • Model: PLT/Bonsai/Asparagus.W

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